Accessibility with flexibility
beautiful office space that works hard for you

Here at Kinverpoint, we have beautiful, flexible-term office space for your growing business, space you need for as long as you need it.

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Location, location, location...

The stunning Kinver countryside is your setting, backdrop, and inspiration when you rent office accommodation at KinverPoint Business Village.

Sir Gavin Williamson

The Kinver Point Business Village was proud to host the Rt. Hon. Sir Gavin Williamson as he took a tour around our thriving business hub and spoke to some of the residents of the Village.

Gavin Williamson

Our beautifully converted
Dutch Barn

Inspirationally unique
Grain Silos

Securing your future
at Kinverpoint

Flexibility in all forms is a key part of our offering. What better opportunity is there to have office space built around you’re business.

Make your office space work hard for you.

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Deal direct with us

Saving us money and time saves you money and time, you won't find us on any estate agent website, so we can give you the best possible offering.

Everything you need
to get to work

Everything at Kinver Point Business Village has been designed and created to make life easier for our clients. Moving in is quick and simple, parking is free, extra storage is available and there are no-hassle organising utilities as Kinver Point supplies water, electricity and broadband. Enjoy the benefits of a managed office – independent space without the hassle, giving you more time to grow your business.

Unique buildings

The buildings at Kinver Point provide beautiful office spaces, combining aesthetic appeal with flexibility and energy-efficient solutions for heating, lighting and cooling. The eco-efficiency of the spaces is built in from the ground up - businesses are able to choose between all or part of a 1220 sq ft Dutch Barn or any of three 235 sq ft grain silos, with every building having been converted in a manner that maintains the visual appeal and agricultural heritage of the original whilst offering the facilities any 21st-century business is looking for.

From floor to ceiling windows offering stunning views over the surrounding countryside to stylish and contemporary interior design, each of our flexible spaces offers the kind of environment appealing to clients and employees alike, creating aspirational surroundings with facilities such as a WC and kitchen space.

If you’d like to learn more about the spaces available at Kinverpoint and the kind of leasing model we could put together for your particular business then get in touch with us today. We’ll work to make it possible for your business to enjoy the unique advantages of a home at Kinverpoint.




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