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There are plenty of office spaces available for fledgeling businesses, but few offer the unique properties of the premises that can be leased from Kinver Point. Our offices provide a genuine 21st-century solution set against the timeless backdrop of the beautiful English countryside, offering an aspirational, flexible and affordable alternative to the standard town centre noise and chaos. Space to breathe and think comes as standard for any employees, clients, or partners, with the wide-open skies and rolling fields creating an inspiring and distinctive backdrop.

Better connected
with superior broadband

Even the smallest business has to be able to rely on broadband which is quick, stable, and reliable, and our provision offers all of this and more. A direct cable link to the local exchange means that the speed of the broadband is constant across the day and no matter how many users are online, while each business can create a bespoke plan with matching upload and download speeds. In simple terms, the business will have the broadband it needs, when it needs it, and whether that simply involves cloud-based storage of vital data or a regular reliance on high-definition video conferencing, the Kinverpoint grain silo broadband is more than up to the task.

Fully serviced...
What's included

  • Reliable, super-fast internet connection
  • From 235sq ft of space
  • Free on-site parking
  • Comfortable, air conditioned office space
  • Ready to move into
  • Individual kitchen & WC utilities
  • Beautiful, stunning views of Kinver countryside
  • Flexible terms & leasing
  • Maintenance & repairs taken care of

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    The terms letting and leasing are often used interchangeably, however they do refer to slightly different tenancy concepts. Leasing often takes the form of a longer-term contract, and the tenant takes on a role more similar to ownership. A let (or rental) tends to be for a shorter period, such as a month-by-month or year-by-year basis. 

    All kinds of properties are available for lease; this most commonly includes residential and commercial properties. For instance, KinverPoint Business Village specialises in the lease of commercial properties, including:

    Yes, leasing a photography studio is a great way to support the growth of your photography business without committing to buying a property.

    KinverPoint Business Village’s creative spaces make perfect professional photography studios.

    Office spaces in the countryside are available to let and lease, and offer many benefits.

    KinverPoint Business Village is located in the countryside and we provide countryside offices to let for all types of businesses.

    Ecommerce businesses can benefit from having a commercial office space. From storing stock, to being able to provide a professional and stable environment for employees, clients and business partners, there are many advantages to having your own space as an ecommerce business.

    When looking to make the move to a commercial office, you may consider renting or leasing. Whilst leasing often refers to long-term contracts which may be too lengthy for start up offices, renting can lack stability whilst establishing your start-up business. Flexible office leasing may offer you the perfect balance of stability and freedom.

    Easily accessible

    The fact that a location of this quality is undoubtedly hard to find doesn’t mean it has to be difficult to access, however, with Kinver Point being located just 2 miles from the A449 and access to the wider UK motorway network. Parking for cars or bikes is provided free of charge and the shops, pubs, restaurants and post office of Kinver village are all situated just a short and pleasant stroll away.

    Flexible leases

    If you need something different with the flexibility then the unique nature of the Kinver Point offer extends beyond the location to the flexibility of our leasing model. We understand that many start-ups or sole trader businesses might hesitate to rent premises due to worries about being tied to an expensive and inflexible long-term lease, and so we let our properties using short term leases and rolling contracts as well as the more traditional rental models.

    Businesses that are hesitating to take the next step for fear of the long-term impact on their cash flow and balance sheet can dip their toe in the water at Kinver Point and experience life working in a 21st-century office space.

    High Impact working space

    We provide a selection of spaces to rent, all of them based on conversions of traditional farm buildings. These buildings – a Dutch Barn and three distinctive grain silos – have been converted in a way that retains their original architectural appeal while bringing them completely up to date. The choice of materials and heating and cooling systems makes the buildings eco-friendly and economical to run, and features such as the glazed wall in the Dutch Barn create a high impact working space within which to showcase the work a business does and the people who do that work.

    Whether a business needs the whole of the Dutch Barn to house 16 employees or is a sole trader or a business with three to four employees seeking their first premises, we’ll provide everything needed in a simple, managed package.

    need something different

    Require Something Different?

    Countryside Offices to Let

    Grain Silo

    Online Business/eCommerce Offices

    A professional workspace, equipped with the latest technology, meets the scenic countryside – it’s the perfect environment for a photography studio to flourish!
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    A professional workspace, equipped with the latest technology, meets the scenic countryside – it’s the perfect environment for a photography studio to flourish!
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    Interior of Silo Office Leasing

    Architect Offices

    Undertake day-to-day administration, meet with clients, or let your creativity come forth. Whatever your working day calls for, KinverPoint’s Business Village enables architects to get to work.
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    Business Offices

    Give back to your employees with a workspace which facilitates a happy and healthy team. KinverPoint’s modern, flexible office spaces are designed to bring out the best of your business
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    Commercial Offices

    Fully furnished flexible and versatile commercial office space, ready and waiting to help your team become their most productive self…
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    The full package

    Facilities such as WC and kitchen space come as a standard part of that package, as does the supply of all utilities and aspects such as ground maintenance and repairs. The utilities covered in any lease include ultra-fast broadband which, because of a direct cable link to the local exchange, offers extremely impressive standards of stability and reliability. In simple terms, the broadband speed a business enjoys won’t dip no matter how many devices and users are online and whatever the time of day is. Each business enjoys its own individual bandwidth and can negotiate the desired level of matching upload and download speeds.

    Unique buildings, a unique setting, and a uniquely flexible approach to leasing managed office space. Anyone looking for something genuinely different to put their business firmly on the map can stop their search and contact Kinver Point today.

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