The Future

Here at Kinver point we’ve always been determined to look to the future while grounding ourselves in the everyday reality of the beautiful English countryside. Our location provides a unique working environment, surrounding each business within our community with rolling green fields, wide open spaces and the kind of calm, tranquil atmosphere that encourages aspiration and creativity.

Kinver Countryside

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Saving us money and time saves you money and time, you wont find us on any estate agent website, cutting out the middle man to give you the best possible offering.

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Everything at Kinver Point Business Village has been designed and created to make life easier for our clients. Moving in is quick and simple, parking is free, extra storage is available and there's no-hassle organising utilities as Kinver Point supplies water, electricity and broadband. Enjoy the benefits of a managed office – independent space without the hassle, allowing you to run your business.

The History of
Kinver Point

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