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The business space on offer at Kinver Point combines the best of 21st-century design, technology, and architecture within a truly timeless setting. The location sits in the heart of the English countryside, with rolling green fields and wide-open spaces offering a refreshing contrast to the usual office space in a crowded city centre or an anonymous industrial park. Instead, we’ve created a genuine business community, appealing to forward-thinking organisations looking for an aspirational workspace to inspire employees, clients, and partners. Perfect for any online business looking to move into offices.

Better connected
with superior broadband

If you’re running an online business or eCommerce office then one of the most appealing aspects of working at Kinver Point is certain to be the industry-leading broadband provision. Businesses based with us are connected to the local exchange by a direct fibre connection, and this means that the broadband provided remains reliable and consistent no matter how much demand is placed upon it at all times of the day. In addition, each business is provided with its own unique bandwidth which isn't shared with anyone else, complete with matching upload and download speeds.

If you're an online business or sell over the internet, then you need to know that you can rely on the IT infrastructure of your building and that’s what we promise at Kinver Point. Whether you’re transferring data, interacting with clients, or shifting order details on and off the cloud, our broadband providers will keep you connected when you need to be.

Fully managed...
What's included

  • Reliable, super-fast internet connection
  • From 235sq ft of space
  • Free on-site parking
  • Comfortable, air conditioned office space
  • Ready to move into
  • Individual kitchen & WC utilities
  • Beautiful, stunning views of Kinver countryside
  • Flexible terms & leasing
  • Maintenance & repairs taken care of

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    FAQ's - eCommerce Offices

    Ecommerce stands for electronic commerce – this refers to any type of transaction which takes place over the internet, such as electronically buying or selling products. Ecommerce can be conducted over computer, tablet, or smartphone; it’s an industry which has experienced exponential growth over the last decade as it becomes an increasingly popular mode of transaction.

    • Business-to-consumer (B2C). Businesses sell directly to the end-product consumer, such as online retailers.
    • Business-to-business (B2B). Businesses sell to other businesses, who are the consumer of their product, such as office space being sold to businesses.
    • Consumer-to-consumer (C2C). Consumers sell to other consumers, such as second-hand items, sold on digital marketplaces.

    An ecommerce office refers to office space dedicated to the operation of an ecommerce business – this space is not for interacting with customers directly like a typical office, but offers space for remote customer support, storage of inventory, and administration work.

    An ecommerce office refers to office space dedicated to the operation of an ecommerce business – this space is not for interacting with customers directly like a typical office, but offers space for remote customer support, storage of inventory, and administration work.

    It is not necessary for ecommerce businesses to operate within an office space, since they can be run from most locations – start-up ecommerces, for instance, can be run from your home. However, if businesses want to expand, ecommerce offices are necessary for professionalising your business and allocating it a flexible workspace to grow.

    Ecommerce business offices offer many advantages, including:

    • A space for back-office systems, such as inventory management and order fulfilment, saving time, costs, and resources by bringing it into one space.
    • A dedicated space to conduct business from.
    • A place to safely store inventory.
    • Separation of work and home life.
    • Ability to grow and employ staff.
    • Professional space to host investors and shareholders.

    Ecommerce office space is particularly suited to more rural locations. Countryside offices are typically cheaper than an urban ecommerce suite, with great, scenic locations available. Ecommerce offices do not act like a storefront – they do not rely on high foot traffic to be successful, therefore countryside offices which are generally quieter, are suitable. Countryside offices also provide some health benefits, and encourage a productive working environment.

    KinverPoint offers ecommerce offices in Kinver Village, South Staffordshire. Our flexible workspaces are designed to support the current and future needs of your business with flexible leases. With a community of other businesses onsite, you can surround yourself with like-minded people. All amenities and furnishings are provided, meaning you’re able to move in and immediately get to work!

    Easily Accessed

    The lush rural setting doesn’t impact accessibility in any way, as Kinver Point is situated just 2 miles from the A449 with links to the rest of the UK motorway network. As an added attraction, the village of Kinver and its’ pubs, shops, restaurants and post office are located just a short, pleasant walk away. Making our business village a calm and peaceful area perfect for an online business.

    Unique Buildings

    The converted farm buildings which make up Kinver Point have been chosen for their unique properties and restored in a manner that is sympathetic to their architectural heritage while utilising genuinely modern materials and methods. If you're unsure of what you need in your online business office then take our converted Dutch Barn, for example, which has been rebuilt in a manner that retains the original architectural appeal while offering a modern, eco-friendly destination.

    Cedar cladding on the outside of the building combines with energy-efficient heating and cooling systems to create a building that will enhance the green credentials of your online business as well as costing less to run. Our converted grain Silos offer the same levels of energy efficiency and modern design while staying true to the distinctive circular structure which is such a feature of the English countryside.


    Because we like to keep things simple we manage every aspect of the building – including all utilities and maintenance and repairs, leaving you free to concentrate on your core online business, and every office space includes a private WC and kitchen space as standard.

    Flexible Spaces

    Our grain silos offer space over two floors for three to four people while the 1220 sq ft of the Dutch Barn can be used by a team of 16 employees or divided into two distinct areas large enough for eight in each.

    If you’d like to know more about the online business and eCommerce business spaces offered at Kinver Point then please get in touch. We’ll talk you through our bespoke leasing model, which includes short term one-off leases and rolling contracts designed to change as your business does, and explain exactly what Kinver Point could offer to you.

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