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There are some business premises that rely on the striking visual appeal and cutting-edge style of their working space more than many others, and an architect office is a prime example of this phenomenon. If you work as an architect you spend some of your time persuading potential clients that you’re the person to handle their building and design needs, and the rest of the time seeking the inspiration needed to turn your vision into a reality. The architect office space you’ll find at Kinver Point can help to make both of these things happen.

Better connected
with superior broadband

We include a high-speed broadband provider that has been designed to keep your architecture practice connected at all times. The direct fibre connection to the local exchange ensures that broadband provision is consistent and doesn’t dip no matter what time of day it is or how many people and devices need to have access. In addition to this, your practice will have its own individual bandwidth which doesn’t have to be shared with anyone else, and matching upload and download speeds tailored to your needs.

Fully managed...
What's included

  • Reliable, super-fast internet connection
  • From 235sq ft of space
  • Free on-site parking
  • Comfortable, air conditioned office space
  • Ready to move into
  • Individual kitchen & WC utilities
  • Beautiful, stunning views of Kinver countryside
  • Flexible terms & leasing
  • Maintenance & repairs taken care of

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    Architect Offices: FAQ's

    An architect office is office space dedicated to the work of architects and architectural design. Whilst architects can work on site, there is plenty of work to be done in an office space. Whether drawing up blueprints, or hosting meetings with clients, architect offices provide a professional and productive environment for architects to work in.

    The different types of architects include:

    • Residential – architects who work on private residential homes.
    • Commercial – architects who focus on commercial buildings.
    • Interior – including interior designers, architects who style the interior of buildings.
    • Landscape – architects who work on outdoor open spaces.
    • Urban – architects who manage urban infrastructure, such as neighbourhoods and road systems.

    Architects need offices to undertake their daily admin and projects, meet with clients, and collaborate with co-workers. Architect’s offices are also important for more creative reasons. The workplace can affect workers’ behaviour; inspirational office space can boost workers’ creativity, as well as keeping workers motivated – helping them to produce better work.

    Good office design features include an open and light workspace – with high ceilings, natural lighting, and plants to make the office as bright and welcoming as possible for employees and clients. Additional colour can also be incorporated in paintwork and artwork around the area for a more inspiring and dynamic workspace.

    Architect offices may be more creative than the average office space to demonstrate the skill of the company to clients. A successful architect’s office should also have both private workspaces and meeting rooms, as well as communal areas to facilitate conversation. Ergonomic furniture, a flexible layout, and the latest IT and computer software should be available to ensure employees are productive.

    Not all architects need offices – freelance architects may work from home, for instance. However, some of the benefits of an architect office include:

    • Growth opportunities as a business
    • Encourages collaboration between employees
    • Provides a professional working environment for clients and investors
    • Practical workspace for completion of daily tasks
    • Clearer work/life balance

    Office location can have a great impact on the success of your business. Location provides opportunities for growth, for instance architect office space to lease in the countryside will be better value for money, however urban areas may be more accessible for clients. A desirable location will help you attract better employees which in turn will increase business reputability.

    Architect offices in the countryside must balance how accessible the office is for employees and clients with the benefits of working in the countryside. KinverPoint Business Village provides architect offices in Kinver, South Staffordshire. Kinver is a rural village, meaning our countryside offices offer scenic views and a peaceful environment if you’re looking to lease architect office space.

    Keeping Things Simple

    We like to keep things simple for our tenants so that they can concentrate on keeping their clients happy. To make sure that this is the case we handle the management of your office space, including all interior and exterior, maintenance, repairs, and the utilities you depend upon. As well as providing your own WC and private kitchen space.

    An Aspirational Location: Makes for the Best Architect Offices

    It begins with the aspirational nature of our location. Rather than being tucked away on some crowded city centre street, our office spaces sit amidst the rolling splendour and rural beauty of the English countryside. Wide-open spaces on all sides create a stunning backdrop for your office and the perfect ambience in which to both do your work and deal with clients looking to be impressed.

    Despite the tranquillity and calming location, the offices themselves are easily accessible by road. The A449 and links to the rest of the UK's motorway system are just 2 miles away, while the shops, restaurants, pubs and post office of Kinver village itself are only a short and pleasant walk away.

    Varied Premises

    Free parking for cars and bikes is provided as standard, and there’s more than enough room to greet your visitors in person as they arrive and walk over to your stunning office space. Our premises are divided into two types. There is a 1220 sq ft converted Dutch Barn, which can house up to 16 employees or can be divided into two unique spaces with 8 employees each. In addition, there are three converted grain silos, each with offices on the two floors which are large enough to house three to four employees.

    In all cases, the conversion has been carried out in a completely sympathetic manner, with materials and methods which blend seamlessly into the rural surroundings and respect the agricultural history of the original buildings. In addition, each building is eco-friendly and thermally efficient, factors that will cut running costs as well as underlining the green credentials of your practice.

    Flexible Leases

    Our leasing model is a further reflection of the flexibility we know our tenant’s prize. Rather than insisting on locking clients into a long term, expensive lease we offer one-off, individual short-term leases or rolling contracts that can be shaped to suit your needs.

    If you’re looking for premises that reflect your love of great design, high-quality finishing and buildings which inspire the people who use them, then look no further than Kinver Point. Call us today to discuss your requirements and the lease we can arrange for you.

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