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The Kinver Point Business Village was proud to host the Rt. Hon. Sir Gavin Williamson as he took a tour around our thriving business hub and spoke to some of the residents of the Village.

On the 15th of August, Sir Gavin Williamson, MP for South Staffordshire, visited the Kinver Point Business Village alongside Councillor Geoff Sisley. Whilst viewing the renovated office buildings, and taking in the beautiful sights of the Kinver countryside, Sir Gavin learnt of the impacts created by the unique business village for the local area.

Kinver Point Business Village, located in Kinver, South Staffordshire, is a site which facilitates flexible and modern styles of working, whilst providing local office space to those in the area, minimising commuting times and offering a greater work/life balance.

The Business Village incorporates a collection of renovated farm buildings on the former Hill Farm and was created with the intention of repurposing redundant farm structures for modern office space fitted with all essential amenities, including ultra-fast broadband, for the businesses which operate within it.

Sir Gavin spoke to several of the residents who work from the Business Village; one resident agreed the Business Village was “a selling point” for potential clients – referring to the uniqueness of the buildings and countryside settings.

“It’s a wonderful space,” Sir Gavin said of Kinver Point.

If you’re looking for inspirational office space in the countryside, whilst still benefiting from essential growth opportunities, Kinver Point Business Village offers facilities for businesses of all sizes and at all stages of their establishment.

You can contact us today to enquire about our latest offerings.

Sir Gavin Williamson at Kinver Point

Sir Gavin Williamson at Kinver Point Business Village

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