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About us here at KinverPoint Business Village is that we're immensely proud of the office space we provide for the businesses who work with us. It’s a 21st-century solution for any business looking for state of the art facilities and a high impact, aspirational working environment, but it’s much more besides. We understand the world of business and appreciate just how much difference the environment in which we work can make to our well being. That’s why we’ve worked hard to create something genuinely unique – a set of state-of-the-art working spaces nestling in the calm and tranquillity of the English countryside.

A Unique Location

We chose the spot for Kinver Point extremely carefully. The offices themselves are surrounded on all sides by wide open spaces, rolling green fields and clear, horizon-spanning skies. It creates the perfect ambience for anyone wishing to work in an efficient but creative manner and for anyone keen to escape the standard office model of a small box in a busy city centre. For anyone who wants their working space to impact positively on any visitor, from would-be clients to potential partners and employees, then Kinver Point is the perfect location.

Buildings to Match

The space surrounding our premises is perfectly complemented by the nature, design and structure of those premises themselves, which comprise a converted Dutch Barn and three converted grain silos. The Dutch Barn is the solution for any business which is looking to expand or scale up operations. It provides 1220 sq ft of space suitable for up to 16 employees or can be divided into two unique 610 sq ft spaces.

The exterior of the building is finished in eco-friendly and sympathetic materials such as cedar cladding, and floor to ceiling feature windows capture the stunning views at the same time as flooding the interior of the building with natural light. The converted grain Silos have been converted in a manner that retains their distinctive circular outline, an architectural feature of the English countryside since the 1970's Inside, they offer elevated views over the surrounding countryside, and each silo provides spaces on two floors for teams of up to three or four people.

Keeping Things Simple

In all cases, we offer facilities such as free parking, all maintenance and repairs, and an individual WC and kitchen. The interior of each space has been finished to the highest standards, but with an understated design aesthetic which enables each business to impose their own distinctive branding and style choices.

As well as ensuring the quality and distinction of the premises we provide, we also work hard to keep things as simple as possible for the businesses leasing them. Because we understand how difficult it can be for some smaller and fledgeling businesses to cope with the pressure of a long-term lease we also provide, as well as traditional renting models, short term one-off leases and rolling contracts. At every point, we work to provide what a business needs in order to thrive, and this extends to the industry-leading broadband provision.

Broadband Provision

We opted for a direct fibre cable link to the local exchange because we knew this would ensure broadband provision which is stable, secure and reliable. The fantastic speeds provided won’t dip throughout the day or in response to heavy usage, and each individual business enjoys its own unique bandwidth allocation. We know how important activities like high-resolution video conferencing and cloud-based data storage have become to many businesses, and we give our tenants the tools they need to make things happen.

Our rural setting doesn’t mean the premises are hard to access. On the contrary, the A449 and a link to the wider motorway network are just two miles away and the village of Kinver, complete with pubs, shops, restaurants and a post office, is just a short walk away.

We’ve created a genuinely unique business environment combining timeless quality with truly modern facilities and a fully managed, flexible approach to leasing. If you’d like to learn more about what we could offer your business and discuss the kind of lease which would suit your requirements, please call us today.

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