Fully managed Dutch Barn...
What's included:

  • Reliable, super-fast internet connection
  • 2x 610sq ft of space
  • Free on-site parking
  • Comfortable, air conditioned office space
  • Ready to move into
  • Indivdiual Kitchen & WC utilities
  • Beautiful, stunning views of Kinver countryside
  • Flexible terms & leasing
  • Maintenance & repairs taken care of

Kinver Dutch Barn

Office space at Kinver Point provides a unique business environment in every way possible, from the rural location and traditional lines of the converted buildings to the 21st-century facilities and cutting-edge interior design.

Our converted Dutch Barn provides a flexible space for up to 16 people, and can also be reconfigured into two semi-detached unique business spaces, with our business-friendly rental model enabling a business to rent the space via a lease that is tailored to their exact requirements. Whether that’s a rolling contract, a short-term lease or a traditional renting structure we can create a bespoke arrangement that offers stability while being flexible enough to grow and change as your business does.

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    Better connected
    with superior broadband

    For any modern business, having broadband that can be relied upon for speed, consistency and stability is a necessity rather than a luxury, and the broadband provider for the Dutch Barn offers all three. Bandwidth is provided for each business on its own terms, rather than being shared and matching upload and download speeds can be set. The direct fibre connection to the local exchange means that the provision is completely consistent and reliable.

    No matter what time of the day or night it is and how much neighbouring businesses or individuals might be making use of broadband, the service to any business located in the Dutch Barn maintains the same ultra-fast delivery around the clock and throughout the year.

    Location, location, location

    One of the most appealing aspects of our stunning Dutch Barn is the unique nature of the surroundings. Kinver Point is located in the heart of the Kinver countryside, with sweeping green fields and wide-open skies on all sides, and yet is still only 2 miles from the A449 and access to the wider UK motorway network.

    Kinver village itself, with shops, pubs, restaurants, and a post office, is only a short and pleasant walk away. Our converted Dutch Barn still retains the original lines of the agricultural building it once was and looks completely at home in the tranquil and idyllic setting, thanks to a sympathetic remodelling that makes use of visually appealing solutions such as cedar cladding and floor to ceiling windows.

    A modern space in a traditional setting

    The interior of the building has been converted in a manner that has created a supremely modern working environment with eco-friendly air conditioning and heating and maximum energy efficiency. Large access doors add to the flexibility of the space while a feature glazed wall makes the most of the rural location and allows natural daylight to fill the building.

    The understated nature of the interior design enables the branding and ethos of each individual business to cut through, creating a working environment that is unique, aspirational and versatile. Whether a business leases the whole of the Dutch Barn or one of the two 610 sq ft units which can be created, facilities include a WC and kitchen as well as all utilities and state of the art broadband.

    Keeping things simple

    The broadband your business depends upon is managed by the team at Kinver Point, just like the other utilities delivered to the Dutch Barn. The fact that we take care of details like this as well as including everything on a single monthly bill keeps leasing the Dutch Barn as simple as possible and means that every client is free to concentrate solely on their core business.

    Extras such as free parking, extra storage when needed and building design that maximises thermal efficiency throughout the year help to create an aspirational environment that works on a practical, aesthetic and business basis all at once. Clients and employees alike will find that the Dutch Barn at Kinver Point is a great place to do business.

    If you’d like to learn more about leasing some or all of the space in our Dutch Barn, and the kind of leasing model we could put together for your particular business then get in touch with us today. We’ll work to make it possible for your business to enjoy the unique advantages of a home at Kinver Point.

    A Dutch barn refers to an agricultural structure used for the storage of produce such as grain and hay. This traditional structure is identified by a square structure, steep gabled roof, and timber walls.

    Whilst traditional Dutch barns are not prevalent structures today, they have a rich history and were once popular globally. Some of these authentic structures have been preserved and can be seen today, however most suffer from risk of deterioration, demolition and more.

    Dutch barns date back to the eleventh century in Holland, although they rose to popularity in the 1600s-1800s. They were used for the storage of grain, hay and straw, as well as the housing of animals, and could be accessed via the wide barn doors by wagon.

    The Dutch barn gained popularity across North America, specifically in the New Netherlands (New York and New Jersey) due to the immigration of Dutch settlers to this area. Canada – north of Toronto and Quebec – also popularised the Dutch barn. Similarly, the agricultural revolution in the 16th century United Kingdom catalysed the popularity of Dutch barns due to a substantial rise in the amount of produce to store.

    Leasing a Dutch barn conversion as flexible office space is a great way of helping your business stand out from competition; repurposing traditional structures; bringing new income to rural areas; and providing an enriching environment for employees and clients.

    Dutch barn conversions are a popular way of preserving barn structures, and often go hand-in-hand with office spaces. The large, open interior of a Dutch barn provides the perfect open plan office and flexible workspace, and can be appreciated alongside the impressive architecture of the building. The rural location of the Dutch barn offers a peaceful and stress-free environment also.

    Whilst traditional Dutch barn structures were not insulated or equipped for temperature control, conversion projects are modernised for heating and insulation. At KinverPoint, our Dutch barn structure is insulated and equipped with heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

    KinverPoint’s Dutch barn is fitted with the latest facilities, including air conditioning, for a cost-efficient and eco-friendly open office space which is comfortable for occupants.

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