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If you think your business office should offer more than simply a basic set from which to run your business then you need to take a look at what Kinver Point has to offer. We’ve created a unique business village that offers premises blending quality and flexibility with a genuinely unique location and a flexible approach to doing business.

Better connected
with superior broadband

We offer broadband facilities that have been designed to maintain vital online connectivity at all times. The direct fibre connection to the local exchange ensures that the speed and stability of the connection remain constant no matter how many people or devices are connected. In addition to this promise, every business office space is provided with its own unique bandwidth which doesn’t have to be shared, and bespoke matching upload and download speed can be set to meet your needs.

Fully serviced...
What's included

  • Reliable, super-fast internet connection
  • Starting at 235sq ft of space
  • Free on-site parking
  • Comfortable, air conditioned office space
  • Ready to move into
  • Individual kitchen & WC utilities
  • Beautiful, stunning views of Kinver countryside
  • Flexible terms & leasing
  • Maintenance & repairs taken care of

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    Offices remain an important part of many businesses. They enable employers to create a great working culture for employees; this subsequently affects the relationships your employees have with one another – helping employees bond and collaborate. Offices create work/life balances, so employees don’t take the stress of work home with them and vice versa. As an employer, you can better control the quality of your employees’ workplace too than if they were working from home.

    A typical business office features space for desks, chairs, PCs, and facilities such as toilets, a kitchen, and meeting rooms. The typical business office may be split across multiple floors or rooms for departments, or in one open space.

    The purpose of a business office is to create an environment where the employees of a company can dedicate their time towards the growth or sustainability of the business. An office should facilitate the productivity and wellbeing of employees to generate the best results.

    The design of business offices has greatly changed over the years. Traditional offices featured self-contained cubicles where employers would spend their shift – now it has become custom to expect an open and collaborative space where employers can move around and share ideas. The modern-day workplace places more emphasis on employer wellbeing and health, and blurs hierarchical lines.

    If you do not have a dedicated office space for your business, you may experience some drawbacks, including:

    • Not as easy to communicate with employers and clients
    • Work may be interrupted by technological problems
    • Unable to utilise resources provided by an office space
    • Not able to offer as many services for clients
    • Virtual offices can place restrictions on their use

    Office space has been shown to have a direct impact on the wellbeing of employees. Some offices feature wellbeing or chill out rooms, as well as gyms or outdoor spaces. Countryside offices are a great way to increase your employee wellbeing. However, if you’re unable to buy or lease business office space in the countryside, you can let the outdoors in. Natural lighting and indoor plants are an easy way to feel the nurturing effects of the outdoors, inside.

    Worker health can be affected by your office environment. Health can be affected by:

    • Too dim or too bright lighting can cause eye strain and headaches
    • Poor air quality can cause health issues and fatigue
    • Too low office temperatures can cause employers to become chilly
    • Furniture which is not ergonomic can cause a range of physical issues over time

    A flexible business space refers to the ability of the space to cater to the changing needs of the business. The benefits of a business office which is flexible includes the ability to scale up or down as the business evolves; move the office furniture and layout around to facilitate changes; if you’re looking for business office space to lease, a flexible space may be more lenient in terms of its leasing conditions

    If you’re looking for business offices in the countryside, Kinver Point Business Village is a dedicated space which offers flexible and modern business offices. Our inspirational office space is fit for all types of businesses, at all stages of their journey.

    A Unique Location

    The location itself is enough to create the kind of aspirational ambience which any ambitious business will enjoy working in. Our business office spaces are surrounded by the rolling green fields and wide-open space of the English countryside, but access for you, your customers and employees are as quick and simple as a two-mile trip to the A449, from where you can access the rest of the UK motorway network. The picturesque village of Kinver, meanwhile, with pubs, shops, restaurants and a post office, is just a short walk away.

    With Unique Business Office Premises

    The location was chosen for the tranquillity and calm it offers, creating the ideal working atmosphere for any business which values the quality of life of its employees and the ability to be truly inspired by your surroundings. The buildings themselves are more than a match for the countryside surrounding them. Our 1220 sq ft Dutch barn, for example, has been sympathetically converted in a manner that remains true to the framework of the original farm building at the same time as making the most of 21st-century building methods and materials. Cedar cladding on the exterior of the building blends seamlessly with the surrounding countryside as well as providing an eco-friendly and thermally efficient solution to updating the Barn.

    Inside the building, you’ll find 1220 sq ft of wide-open space which can be utilised by up to 16 employees at once or can be divided into two for a pair of unique and distinctive spaces for as many as 8 employees. Facilities that come as standard include a WC and kitchen space, and the high-end finish of the interior design will enhance the professional image of your business at the same time as allowing your individual branding to shine through.

    Need Something Smaller?

    In addition to the Dutch Barn, we offer a trio of distinctive converted grain Silos, each still boasting the distinctive circular construction which is such a feature of the English countryside. The interior of the grain silos are finished to the same high standards, and the two floors in each are large enough for a team of up to three or four people to work in.

    flexible office space Business office


    The flexibility of our business offices is reflected in the leasing model we follow. We appreciate how reluctant many businesses can be to tie themselves down to an expensive long-term lease, and so we offer a combination of short term one-off leases or rolling contracts designed to shift and change as the business does. In addition, we’ll work with a standard rental model if that’s what your business needs because our aim is always to provide exactly what each business needs.

    This extends to the fact that our management of the business offices includes details such as supplying all utilities, maintaining and repairing the interior and exterior of the premises, and providing free parking for cars or bikes. In other words, we handle the kind of details which leave you free to deal with running your core business.

    If you want a business office that takes your business to the next level and provides the kind of ease and simplicity which enables you to hit the ground running from day one then you need to take a look at Kinver Point. Call us today and we’ll discuss exactly what we could offer your business and the leasing model which would be the best fit for you.

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