Fully managed Silo...
What's included:

  • Reliable, super-fast internet connection
  • 235sq ft of space
  • Free on-site parking
  • Comfortable, air conditioned office space
  • Ready to move into
  • Individual kitchen & WC utilities
  • Beautiful, stunning views of Kinver countryside
  • Flexible terms & leasing
  • Maintenance & repairs taken care of

Kinver Point Silo

The distinctive outline of a grain silo is a familiar sight throughout the countryside. The grain silos at Kinver Point are archetypal agricultural buildings, but with a big difference. The difference is that they have been repurposed as the ideal 21st-century office space, set in an ideal location for small businesses. Beautiful office space catered for businesses that require more room and a completely upgraded working environment.

Better connected
with superior broadband

Even the smallest business has to be able to rely on broadband which is quick, stable, and reliable, and our provision offers all of this and more. A direct cable link to the local exchange means that the speed of the broadband is constant across the day and no matter how many users are online, while each business can create a bespoke plan with matching upload and download speeds. In simple terms, the business will have the broadband it needs, when it needs it, and whether that simply involves cloud-based storage of vital data or a regular reliance on high-definition video conferencing, the Kinverpoint grain silo broadband is more than up to the task.

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    A grain silo is a cylindrical agricultural structure, traditionally used for the storage of grain and other crops in bulk. They are typically made from corrugated steel, which offers protection from the elements.

    The original purpose of a grain silo is for the storage of grain and other produce harvested on agricultural farms, keeping the produce in a good condition to be used at a later date.

    You can see thousands of grain silos around the UK, most of which are used for agricultural purposes, some of which are abandoned due to farms closing, moving or diversifying, and some of which have been converted for other uses. These uses include homes and office spaces.

    Renting a converted grain silo is not as utilitarian as it sounds. Grain silo conversions are designed with all the modern amenities for comfort and aestheticism, and renting one for your home or small business comes with many advantages. One of these advantages is the scenic, rural location of the silo – a great appeal for your business.

    For more benefits of grain silo conversions, check out our take here.

    Whilst popular structures, grain silo conversions open to lease are few and far between in the UK. However, at KinverPoint Business Village, we have three grain silo conversions available for flexible workspace leasing.

    Converted grain silos are popular for a number of reasons. They offer a unique architectural aesthetic, which is made more accessible for start-up businesses due to the lower rent compared to cities. The conversion aspect also means silo offices are newly renovated and modern.

    In both senses of the word ‘flexible office space’, office grain silo conversions are flexible. The open plan layout of the office means the office space itself is flexible, whilst the leases provided by KinverPoint Business Village are created for flexible office leasing. This means our grain silos are adaptable to the needs of your business.

    Fully managed...
    What's included

    With free parking and extra storage available, the business which moves into one of our grain silos is moving into space that combines convenience and aspiration with practicality and value. The fully-managed nature of each lease frees each tenant up to concentrate on their core business activity, while the team at Kinver Point takes care of everything else such as supplying all utilities and carrying out maintenance and repairs.

    If you’d like to learn more about leasing one of our unique grain silos, and the kind of leasing model we could put together for your particular business then get in touch with us today. We’ll work to make it possible for your business to enjoy the unique advantages of a home at Kinver Point.

    Location, location, location

    The location itself is a large part of the appeal of Kinver Point, offering views of rolling green fields on all sides and a sense of tranquillity and calm which is all too often difficult to find. Despite sitting apart from the noise and distraction of city working the Kinver Point grain silos are instantly accessible, being just 2 miles from the A449 and links to the UK motorway network, while the amenities of the village of Kinver – including shops, pubs, restaurants and a post office – are just a short and pleasant stroll away.

    A modern space in a traditional setting

    The interior of each of our three 235 sq ft grain silos has been completely reworked to offer a flexible, aspirational office solution. Two spaces over the two floors of each silo are available via Kinver Point's flexible lease system, which means a growing business can take on a rolling or short-term lease and enjoy the freedom to change things as and when they need to.

    Each silo includes a WC and kitchen area and throughout the silos, heating and cooling are controlled by highly efficient, eco-friendly solutions. The circular nature of the space creates a unique working environment, something which is bolstered by the stunning elevated views across the surrounding countryside. Any small business which wants to think and act bigger will find that our grain silos provide the ideal solution, with a subtle but high-end interior finish that is bound to impress their visitors.

    View from KinverPoint

    Benefits of Grain Silo Conversions

    If you’re looking to move into a unique office space, a grain silo conversion could be the perfect choice for your business…

    Grain silos are a traditional piece of rural architecture, however can find a new lease of life through conversion into commercial spaces, providing an additional source of income for rural areas.

    A silo conversion updates the structure with a distinctive interior design, whilst retaining the traditional external appearance. By utilising an office grain silo conversion, your business can benefit from a memorable and contemporary workspace for improved employee and client satisfaction and retention.

    Grain silos are typically constructed with natural ventilation and insulation, which is essential for keeping grain in optimal condition. Finding a new use as an office space, however, the natural ventilation and insulation now means occupants can benefit from temperate conditions. KinverPoint’s silo offices are further fitted with air-conditioning throughout.

    Take a look at some inspiration for silo offices, which are seen to have great success around the world.

    Considerations for a Grain Silo Conversion

    Whilst it may be love at first sight, there are some factors to grain silo office leasing that you should consider before making a move.

    The size and shape of the structure. Grain silos are cylindrical in shape, meaning you’ll have to adapt to a non-traditional office floor plan. Grain silos are also limited by their size – whilst they are perfect for start-up and small companies, larger companies may struggle. KinverPoint’s grain silos are fully furnished to make this transition as smooth as possible, enabling your team to get to work straight away.

    Location. Location is often the selling point for silo offices, and at KinverPoint this is no different. Our beautiful, countryside location attracts workers because of the peace and quiet; however, office space in the countryside comes with some challenges alongside the many benefits.

    Challenges and positives of working from a rural area. Working in a rural area can come with some challenges compared to city living, such as reduced footfall, a smaller pool of employees, and fewer amenities. However, this is overshadowed for many thanks to the reduced cost of living, better working conditions, and lower office rent.

    View from KinverPoint

    Keeping things simple

    A large part of the appeal of the Kinver Point grain silos is the simplicity of the solution they offer. As well as our flexible leasing model, the team at Kinver Point handles the management of aspects such as utilities, window cleaning, all maintenance and repairs, and ultra-fast broadband, meaning the grain silo chosen by any business is ready to start operating on the very day that business moves in.

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