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Top 3 Locations to Inspire in the Kinver Countryside

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Kinver Countryside in all its Glory

Perhaps the greatest attraction of Kinver is its retreat into nature, without compromising on all the modern facilities which accommodate those that visit the village. With its stretches of countryside and scenic views, Kinver Village sits as a peaceful oasis that attracts and inspires a plethora of tourists each year.

The differing and unique attributes of Kinver Edge and its Rock Houses, Kinver Lock, and the KinverPoint Business Village make these locations our top 3 inspirational environments within the Kinver countryside.

Kinver Countryside
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Kinver Edge & Rock Houses

Kinver Edge is a National Trust heath and woodland, and one of the defining features of Kinver. Spanning roughly 600 acres, much of the Edge is open to public exploration - either on foot, bike, or horseback. Kinver Edge boasts three Rock Houses and a Hillfort, remnants of the deep and colourful history of Kinver Edge.

Unlike simply a house on the rock, the Rock Houses at Kinver Edge were carved into the great sandstone rocks, complete with individual rooms, and facilities, which became home to several families throughout the centuries; the first documentation of their existence was 1777. The origin of the Hillfort at Kinver is slightly clearer, dating back to the Iron Age, and the remains of this structure can still be seen at the peak of the Edge today.

Alongside exploring these historical structures, the surrounding environment is home to vibrant wildlife, including reptiles, bats, birds, and a variety of natural plants. Kinver Edge walk trails are highlighted by signs and lead walkers through the woodland, heathland, or past the Rock Houses.

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Kinver Lock - Gate 11

Whilst the Rock Houses Kinver Edge may be an inspiration on foot, bike, or horseback, the Kinver Canal and Lock 11 is an inspirational location for those travelling on the water.

The Kinver Lock is a minor waterway, developed in 1772, as a part of the larger Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal. It is approximately 46 miles long and travels perpendicular to Kinver High Street. Lock 11 can be located opposite The Vine pub, a refreshing break for those travelling through the village on the water.

The Vine at Kinver was established in 1863 and overlooks the canal and lock with a large patio and garden extending along the canal side. Whilst the gardens are a suntrap for guests (and their dogs!) in the summer, the renovated interior of the historic pub provides a welcome retreat in the winter.

Kinver Lock - Gate 11
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KinverPoint Business Village

The KinverPoint Business Village provides a different kind of inspiration to the previous locations. If looking to strike the perfect balance of motivation and relaxation, the KinverPoint Business Village is an ideal environment for your company.

The Business Village is fabricated from the converted structures of an old farm, just a short walk from the High Street. Repurposing these structures for the requirements of the modern-day, KinverPoint Business Village provides modern flexible office spaces and supplementary facilities for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

With these buildings, including a Dutch Barn and several Silos, overlooking the Kinver landscape, employees can enjoy the scenery and take a minute to refocus their minds for the day ahead.

After reading about these Inspiring locations, how does it sound to be relaxed and able to note your thoughts?

Click here as we look at why KinverPoint is the best location for inspiration, peacefulness and productiveness.

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