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How to Grow Your Business Without Breaking the Bank

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One of the problems that many start-up businesses face, and that many entrepreneurs struggle to contend with, is the necessity to grow the business while simultaneously managing scarce resources.

Particularly if you are running a business from home, and are looking for ways to ensure that it has the best possible chance of thriving – but have a very limited budget to work with – it becomes very important to come up with ways to make what you already have stretch further.

Here are several tips that you can use to help grow your business.

Make a Point of Getting Positive Reviews and Testimonials From Your Customers and Clients

When it comes to growing your business on a budget, there are few things as powerful as positive customer reviews and testimonials to help you put your best foot forward.

According to BrightLocal’s 2019 Local Consumer Review Survey, 82% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses, while a full 91% of consumers said positive reviews make them more likely to use the services of the business in question.

Positive testimonials and reviews demonstrate clearly to prospective clients that your business is high quality and is worth investing time and energy in. At the same time, they help to showcase some of your particular strengths convincingly.

How to Grow Your Business

Utilise Flexible Office Space Leasing

Flexible office leasing can be one great way of helping to save money while enabling your business to grow, as it can ensure that you have a professional office at hand to use for interviews and day-to-day operations, while nonetheless saving you a huge amount of money on maintaining permanent office space in a more conventional sense.

With flexible office space leasing, you cannot be tied down to harsh contracts which will not allow you to leave at any time for any reason. This is a perfect option if you’re on a budget with your business and you’re not quite sure what the future holds. Having a perfect leasing model will mean no worries that you won’t be able to afford or be able to get out of a strict contract deal.

Ultimately a flexible office lease will allow you to bring in employees that may be currently working from home due to recent events or if your business has recently downsized for any reason and you’ve had to have employees work from home due to not having enough space. Not only that but flexible leasing contracts will open more opportunities to employ more staff as now you will have more space.

Also, you will now have space for meetings and other professional projects you may have. All of this can enable you to grow your business, on a budget.

flexible office leasing

Look for Affordable Ways of Bringing Extra Value to Customers

Every business relies on its ability to bring value to customers and clients when all is said and done. After all, that's the only reason why anyone would pay for your services.

While innovating a whole new product range can be a very costly way of bringing extra value to customers or clients, you could also bring value to them in ways that are a lot more affordable, but which will significantly improve your professional reputation, and can help your business to grow.

You could, for example, include free resources on your website that help to clarify something that people frequently struggle with. Or, you could offer a free quote or consultation, or ensure that you have a generous warranty.

Often, smaller businesses can excel above and beyond larger ones regarding the small points of customer service that require attentiveness, but which typically cost little, if anything extra, to implement.


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