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Office Space Leasing: Long Term Vs. Short Term Leasing

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Office space leasing may seem like a waste of money, as you will never own the property. But leasing is the most flexible way to upgrade, downgrade, or move the office if needed. Most leases offer a timeframe, which means the business can move or continue in the office they are leasing. It offers businesses more flexibility and predictability.

The Different Leasing Options

There are two main leasing options available for offices. The options are to lease long-term or short-term. Depending on a business's budget and objectives, the preference will differ. For instance, a large corporation with a big budget, hundreds of staff, and lots of equipment may prefer to lease long-term to reduce the time of moving and keep business disruption to a minimum. Whereas a smaller business that is due to upgrade their space may prefer a short-term lease so they have the option to move when they are ready.

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Advantages of long-Term Office Leasing

There are pros and cons of long-term office space leasing. These will differ from business to business, but primarily these will apply to all businesses. The advantages of long-term leasing include:

Less moving around time

Having an office space for a set amount of time will reduce the time you spend moving around. Moving offices every few months can cause office disruption, which can hinder businesses efficiency and productivity.

More stability

Long-term office space leasing offers businesses more stability. As all staff members know that they will be fixed to a location for a set time, they can settle in and maintain focus on their work as opposed to being distracted by moving around.

Better price

When office space leasing in the long-term, the tenant may offer you a better price. Renting for more months may conclude in a discount, which is great if you are looking to stick to a budget and/or save money.

Alongside the advantages of long-term leasing, there are some disadvantages to be aware of:

Disadvantages of Long-Term Leasing

Might not be furnished

Long-term office leases may not include any furniture. If you require moving all of your furniture, such as desks, chairs, and meeting tables, this can delay the moving process and take a long time for your business to get back up and running again.

Cannot terminate the contract

When you sign an agreement on a long-term lease, there is very little chance that you can terminate the contract. Thus, if your business incurs financial trouble and you cannot afford the rent, you will be stuck and left paying for the office until the lease is finished.

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Advantages of Short-Term Office Leasing

Like long-term leasing, there are some pros and cons to be aware of for short-term leasing. Here is a list of the advantages:

Smaller businesses have more chance of finding an office space

If you are a small business looking for office space leasing, you may only have a set budget to put towards rent. Short-term leasing will often cost less overall as you are only renting for a short amount of time. Although the price may not be discounted, it might be more achievable. Meaning smaller businesses have a greater chance of finding an office space to work from.

Might be furnished

Some newer short-term lease office spaces come furnished. This is ideal if you do not want to continuously relocate furniture. Or, if you are a small business that cannot afford to buy new furniture.

No contractual ties

Speaking of leasing short-term, small businesses have a greater chance of moving office space when they want to. Short-term office space leasing will offer a more flexible office leasing contract, which is ideal if the business wants to upgrade its office space in a few months.

Disadvantages of Short-Term Office Leasing


Having a short-term lease on an office may hinder the stability of a business. Your lease may come to an end and you haven’t found somewhere else to lease. You may not be able to extend your lease as another company may have booked it. Thus, you might find it unstable when leasing short-term office spaces.

Higher costs

It is less likely to be offered a discount when you lease short-term. You will find that you are paying more for a short-term lease in the same office block than if you were to lease long-term.

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Which one is the Best Option?

Depending on your budget, business size, flexibility, and objectives, the best office leasing option will differ. For those who want flexibility and have a smaller budget, a short-term lease might be the best option. Opposingly, for those who want more stability and discounted costs, a long-term lease will be best suited to you.

One of the reasons why people like to go for long-term leases is because they are going to be able to secure a long-term contract at the same price for a number of years. Therefore, they have the security and peace of mind of knowing that they are going to be able to pay the same monthly rate for a set period of time, and this enables better financial planning in other areas of their business as well. Moreover, if you are in a good location, it can help to know that you have got the security of being able to stay there for an extended time frame.

On the flip side, a short-term lease offers much greater flexibility, which can often be very important for upcoming businesses. A lot of start-ups are looking to grow and expand. So, you may find that your current office is no longer suitable within a year or so. With a short-term lease, you won’t be bogged down for too long and you can move to a bigger office.

As you can see, there are pros and cons associated with both options, and it is all about determining the best solution for you.

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