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History of the Dutch Barn

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As a principal feature of the KinverPoint Business Village, our converted Dutch barn is reminiscent of a deep and rich agricultural history.

What is a Dutch Barn?

A Dutch barn is an agricultural barn, typically made from heavy timber, which was popularised during the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Historically, the Dutch barn was used for the storage of grain, hay or straw, and for the housing of animals on agricultural properties. Generally featuring a large, open interior, with a gabled or curved roof, the Dutch barn allowed for proper ventilation and protection against weather for the goods inside, preventing premature spoiling of products. Ventilation was often assisted by honeycombed brick walls, allowing air to pass through the gaps in the brickwork, whilst making a marked architectural impression.

The Dutch Barn at KinverPoint Business Village was once an agricultural barn, and still maintains its distinct form today. It is for this reason that it currently finds purpose as a modern flexible office space: the spacious and fully converted interior of the Dutch barn allows for a flexible design, accommodating all types of business ventures and goals.

History of the Dutch Barn

The Dutch barn history is a rich one, gaining popularity in the mid-1600s as agricultural structures in North America, Canada and the United Kingdom in particular. The given name for the Dutch barn alludes to the immigration of the Dutch people during this time, and the subsequent sharing of their structures and construction techniques.

Original Dutch barn structures today are rare; however, their form continued to be replicated during the 20th century and into the modern day for use as storage of agricultural produce. The duplication of the Dutch barn structure is a reflection of this innovation in farming, and a nod to its pertinence as a functioning structure which has standed the test of time.

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KinverPoint’s Dutch Barn

Built following the Second World War, KinverPoint’s Dutch barn retains the structural integrity of its original heritage, whilst undergoing a conversion fit for the modern day. Located a few minutes’ drive from the Kinver Village High Street, our Dutch barn is set amongst the scenic countryside of Kinver, with access to all the necessary amenities. This business studio comfortably houses 16 people, providing a peaceful and inspiring office space in which to work.

KinverPoint’s Dutch barn has been carefully constructed as an open office space, with our Dutch barn conversion satisfying all modern standards; this includes clean and contemporary furnishing; fast and reliable internet; eco-friendly air conditioning; a kitchen; WC facilities; and onsite parking. The team at KinverPoint further manages facilities, to ensure our space nurtures the progression of a business in every way possible.

The KinverPoint Business Village specialises in flexible workspaces, meaning our structures are furnished with the intention of being used by multiple business types, and accommodating the varying needs of each business with flexible terms and leasing. When looking to rent office space, a flexible lease offers businesses the adaptability needed to support their development over a period of time.

If you're considering working in one of these amazing but modernised spaces from history, you may want to read our other blogs on Dutch Barns here. Alternatively you can contact us here if you're interested or you can fill in the contact form below.

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