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How a Dutch Barn can become a Flexible Office Space Solution

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What is meant by a flexible office space solution? 

Before considering the ways in which a Dutch Barn conversion can present new opportunities for your business, it may first be helpful to define flexible office space and how this can be the ideal solution for your business.

Flexible office space can allude to several types of offices – including flexible design, and flexible leasing. A flexible office design refers to a dynamic office floor space, where facilities and resources can be adjusted to meet the needs of the business and employees. This may include rearranging desks or adding lounge furniture to modify the atmosphere.

Additionally, flexible office space may also encompass flexible leasing, where the lease of the office can be arranged to suit the business that occupies it.

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What to expect from an office that offers flexible space?

A flexible office design can take many different forms; here are a few of the opportunities which a flexible workspace can offer.

Open plan concept

A flexible office space works best with an open plan concept – a premise where many of the facilities (such as a kitchen, lounge, or desks) are in designated areas of the same room, removing the boundaries which walls can create.

An open office space is great for encouraging communication between employees; generating ideas and can make the most of floor space for businesses that may need to expand.

Quiet Areas

Similar to breakout rooms, quiet areas can be formed away from the bustle of the office to offer employees a crucial respite, where they can clear their head, take a phone call, or grab a minute of privacy.

Breakout and Chillout Rooms

Flexible office spaces can offer breakout rooms, even whilst embracing an open plan design for the central office hub. Breakout rooms are typically separate areas of work that allow for employees to take five minutes to relax away from their desks.

These rooms can also be used for smaller and more concentrated group work. Both these benefits can go a long way in promoting healthy mental health, and subsequently improving employee productivity.

Shared Resources

An open office space removes the awkwardness which may be created around inaccessible resources.

Facilities such as printers, or even kettles and snacks, can be made inaccessible for some employees through the office layout – having an open plan design removes these impracticalities and centralises resources.

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Benefits of flexible office space for business owners

Flexible office space in terms of the design can encourage team building and employee productivity, better communication, and adaptability in the floor space to allow for business growth or contraction.

In the same vein, rentable office spaces with short or long term leases can allow for better budgeting.

Desired office floorspace at Kinver Point Business Village

KinverPoint Business Village provides flexible, rentable office space, suitable for a variety of businesses from photography to eCommerce business. Our converted Dutch Barn offers you the space and freedom to further develop your business.

Flexible areas of work

Located within the Kinver countryside, only a short walk from Kinver village, our Dutch Barn conversion can hold up to 16 employees. The open plan business studio can be adjusted so as to account for rooms or storage – tailoring the area of work to your business.

Dutch Barn benefits and facilities

With 1200sq ft of workspace, our Dutch Barn is ready to move into with a modern interior, air conditioning and super-fast broadband, free onsite parking, a WC and kitchen.

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