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What Makes an Ideal Office Space for a Creative Company?

What are Creative Companies?

The definition of a creative company is somewhat broad; the creative industry includes all types of work from architecture to film and music. What these companies have in common, however, is utilising creative skill for an income, whether that’s selling their products of creativity directly to a consumer, or selling creative services to other businesses – such as marketing services.

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Why do creative companies need office spaces?

Often viewed as a restrictive and monotonous place, the office space is not commonly associated with a creative company. However, creative companies such as photography, marketing, and graphic design can benefit from working in an office environment.

Creative company offices centralise an industry defined by remote working, providing a commercial address where employees and clients alike can go. For employees, a central location offers a base to return to, collaborating with other employees to generate creative ideas or to debrief from a hard day, whilst clients may desire to see the professional core of a business.

How to make the most out of a creative office space

To ensure your office space facilitates creative services, rather than detracts from them, design inspirational office space which complements the business and workers in question.

There are several ways to use creative office space to do this. For instance, controlled rooms for photography or filming provide a suitable and predictable environment which can be relied upon for consistent image production. Space for storing equipment and inventory is helpful for those in the fashion or arts industry. Meanwhile, breakout and chillout rooms can provide a relaxing break to refresh the mind across all types of industries.

Office Space For Creative Companies
Office Space For Creative Companies

How can office location affect mood and motivation?

Not only are creative offices practical for assisting in day-to-day activities, but they can also be beneficial to mental health.

Your working environment can affect your mood, which in turn affects productivity and motivation to work.

Wellbeing activities such as exercise and conversation outside of work-related subjects offer a respite from the stresses of work, benefiting both mental and physical health. With more and more companies realising this, the desire for countryside offices and other flexible workspace which offers this versatility has increased.

It works in the real world

Take, for example, Google. Google is a well-established creative company – which utilises office space all over the world to house employees. And 97% of Google employees continue to say it is a great place to work, listing the resources, perks and benefits, food, and people as some of the key things which contribute towards this; note many of these things are only possible through a centralised working environment.

Creative office space in Kinver

KinverPoint Business Village has been founded on the repurposing of farm buildings for creative office space. Our countryside offices are perfect for companies looking to grow their business through providing employees with an enriching environment.

When looking for creative offices Kinver provides the perfect background. With immediate access to the countryside, our inspirational office space is met with stunning views and access to all modern amenities in Kinver Village for happy and healthy employees.

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