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What are Grain Silos?

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KinverPoint Business Village is home to three converted silos, repurposed for flexible office space. Constituting some of our main attractions, it is important to reflect on the great agricultural history attached to our silo offices.

What is the Purpose of a Grain Silo?

Grain silos store grain, silage, and other crops which have been grown on agricultural land, further distributing the stock as needed through the bottom of the structure. They can be recognised by their distinct tall, cylindrical structure and domed top, often made of steel. A grain silo is an effective way of storing produce – which may be later transported, sold, or used on the land – whilst preventing its spoiling. Silos raise produce off the ground, and provide a weather proof container, meaning pests and weather cannot infiltrate and damage the crops.

There are three types of silos: tower silos, bunker silos, and bag silos. Tower silos compose the traditional image of a silo – tall, often steel, cylindrical structures; these silos can be seen and used at KinverPoint Business Village. Bunker silos are built into the ground through the digging of trenches, whilst bag silos consist of material tubes which are filled with crops.

Grain Silo

History of the Grain Silo

It is believed that the concept of using a silo to store crops is 11,000 years old – dating back to an ancient structure uncovered in Jordan. This structure has of course evolved and modernised over the centuries, with the first variation of the modern silo originating from Illinois, USA – an invention of farmer Fred Hatch in 1873.

The silo has been built from wood, concrete, and lately steel, with modern amenities such as emergency alerts, moisture and temperature control, and automatic unloaders frequently appearing.

The three tower silos at KinverPoint Business Village, originally built in the 1970s, now find purpose as modern office spaces with flexible leases. Our silo conversion carefully maintains the unique history of the silo, whilst ensuring these structures continue to find merit in the modern day.

KinverPoint Grain Silos

Situated within Kinver, the KinverPoint Business Village takes advantage of the quiet scenery surrounding our open office spaces, and the plentiful amenities provided by Kinver village. This ensures businesses big and small can grow and evolve whilst aided by inspiring and peaceful countryside, with access to shops, restaurants, and road networks.

Our silo offices are fully furnished in consideration of emphasising this balance – combining a peaceful atmosphere with the modern-day amenities. The elevated views facilitated by the silos can be appreciated by employees, whilst taking advantage of the state-of-the-art broadband, air conditioning and heating, and onsite parking.

Despite the traditional external façade of our silo offices, the internal design is contemporary and flexible, accounting for the various businesses which may rent the space. Whilst looking to rent office space, KinverPoint’s flexible leasing model accommodates different business sizes and goals, offering both short and longer-term leases, as well as rolling contracts, for our silos. The silos themselves can be rented as individual business studios, or together for increased capacity.

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