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What to do When Your Rented Office Space Closes Down

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Your office space is essential to your business. It gives you a base to work from, lends an air of professionalism and credibility to customers, and is the hub from which all of your business operations start.

That is why it can be a bit of a kick in the teeth when you receive a letter to tell you that your rented office space is closing down. You have all the upheaval and costs associated with moving to a newly rented office space, as well as the potential disruption to your business. This post will look at what you should do when your rented office space closes down.

Why Might a Rented Office Space Close Down?

There can be all sorts of reasons for your rented office space to close down, many of which are completely out of your control. These include:

The Landlord is Selling up

As a commercial tenant, you will have been informed of your lease obligations and, if any, rights to dispose of your leasehold interest during the contractual term. What happens, however, if your landlord decides to sell their interest in the premises during the term of your lease?

Well, the good news is that during the course of your contractual period, they cannot make you leave. The buyer will inherit the lease and both they and the original landlord will have joint responsibility. Of course, once your lease comes to an end, your request for a new lease can be rejected and you will need to find somewhere new.

Your Agreed Rental or Lease Term has Come to an end

When you sign a lease with your landlord and take on rented office space, it will lay out in the contract exactly what will happen when it comes to the end of your lease. You may well want to or need to renew your lease and stay there, but many business owners may see this as the ideal opportunity to move on to somewhere bigger, better, and more modern.

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What Should You Do When Your Rented Office Space Closes Down?

The first thing to do is to explore your legal rights to make sure that your commercial landlord has done things legally and properly. If you are not sure, professional legal advice is recommended.

Of course, while it can be a little disheartening to have to relocate your office premises, it can also be a positive thing. Why not look at it as an opportunity to move to somewhere more modern, that can help to grow with your business? If you have been stuck in the same premises for years on end, the chances are it has not gone through any major modernization and is looking a bit tired - this could be your chance to modernize. 

Moving to a new rented office location can open up new doors that will help your business prosper; new neighbours, opportunities, customers, and prospective employees can all help your business thrive. Before making any firm decisions, try to do as much research as you can on the new location.

It is critical to keep your employees engaged and informed throughout the office relocation process. Moving the office to a new location may be an exciting prospect for some, but it may mean changing their commute to work and their daily routine, which can be disconcerting. Face-to-face, effective communication with them will help to dispel any negativity and allow them to express any concerns. The same goes for your loyal customers.


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