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Advantages of Networking Within a Business Village

Have you considered the changes you could make to your business simply by relocating to a business village? There are many advantages to setting up your business alongside other like minded business owners…

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What is a Business Village?

A business village, also known as a business park, is an area of land which exclusively houses office buildings. Whilst a singular business may take more than one office building, usually a business village is home to several different businesses.

Offices can be both bought and rented at business villages, although there are no residential or industrial buildings on the land – it is used solely for the use of office space.

Business villages can be found everywhere – from inner cities to rural areas, and provide a quieter, more spacious area for businesses to grow and develop.

Networking Within a Business Village

Benefits of Networking Within a Business Village

Encouraging Social Business Interaction

Business villages encourage different businesses to interact, enabling them to share advice, ideas, industry updates and more.

Encouraging Trade Between Businesses

Networking within a business village can provide new opportunities, encouraging trade, such as leads and referrals, between businesses within the village and their contacts.

Potential Partnerships and Sponsorships

You may find opportunities for partnerships and sponsorships with other businesses within the village or their contacts, and efforts can be combined to create something innovative and new.

Joint Growth

Experience growing your business alongside other business owners in the same boat; this is great for start-up businesses but is useful for businesses of all sizes and ages. Learn and socialise with larger and smaller businesses alike to gain different perspectives and advice.

Community Feel

One of the greatest benefits of a business village is its community feel. Employers and employees can take advantage of the like minded community around them to socialise outside of the office environment. Breaks such as these further contribute to employee satisfaction and stress-relief.

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Beautiful Green Surroundings

Located in the heart of the Kinver countryside, South Staffordshire, KinverPoint Business Village offers scenic and peaceful rural surroundings with our countryside offices.

Unique Buildings & Office Conversions

The office buildings at KinverPoint are truly unique – converted from original farm buildings, they offer all the modern amenities whilst retaining their historical significance.

Opportunities to Network

Network with business owners, employers and employees within a well maintained and welcoming space to develop your business in new and exciting ways!

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