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Modern Office Space in a Silo Of History

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Modern Office Space for your Business

As greater expectations are placed on the look and atmosphere created within a business property, the standards for our workspaces increase. Modern office space can help improve employee mental health and the way they view their company – overall encouraging productivity.

The versatile rentable office space at KinverPoint Business Village provides the type of environment to do just that.

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What is Modern Office Space?

Modern office space can conjure many images, depending, of course, on the type of business and company requirements. Generally, a modern office interior will be a clean and bright, high end, open space to provide employees with the best atmosphere to work in.

Stress-Free Environment

A clean, clutter-free workspace helps promote a stress-free environment, for both employees and clients; the move away from traditional paperwork and physical documents has introduced simplicity and minimalism within a favoured modern office design.

Whilst a minimalistic approach to the office can flag a modern and professional space, there must also be room for versatility on your floor space.

Accounting for meeting rooms, breakout areas and other designated areas which facilitate a range of working styles from remote video meetings, to sharing ideas within intimate group sessions; again, this can increase productivity as workers feel comfortable in the most suitable environment for their operation.

Digital Infrastructure

Digital infrastructure is another important element of the modern-day office. The latest software, technology, and broadband connection are vital for pursuing everyday activities and increasing the opportunities for new business.

Digital infrastructure also alludes to office set-up – communication and collaboration are encouraged through the layout of desks and computers. Hot desking and group desks are some of the latest trends seen in a modern office interior.

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Kinver Point Grain Silo's

The grain silos found at the KinverPoint Business Village, Kinver, have been carefully converted so as to preserve their historic and cultural significance, whilst finding a new lease of life and purpose, fit for the modern day.

They now provide a rentable office space with flexible short and long term leases for start-up offices and established businesses alike.

A Professional Image

With high quality and modern furnishings, these unique buildings generate an excellent first impression for clients. Not only demonstrating your business to be on brand and contemporary, the grain silos provide a memorable and novel experience for clients – helping your brand create a great lasting impact.

Surronding Area

Located within the heart of the stunning Kinver countryside, with only a pleasant, brief walk separating the Business Village from the local high street, there is plenty of scenery and shops for employees and clients to explore alike; this retreat offers a chance to clear their minds or take a short break from the office environment.

Key Facilities

The grain silos boast 235sq ft of fully furnished modern office space, including individual kitchens and WCs. KinverPoint Business Village moreover provides free onsite parking, speedy internet connection, and air conditioning, for your office space.

Within the grain silos, tenants have achieved the gathering of up to five people in meeting rooms; however, for larger companies, the bigger Dutch Barn and local amenities of Kinver are available. More than one silo can be rented at a time for larger firms or individual branches.

Moreover, each silo possesses two floors, allowing for a flexible floor space that can be utilised for improved productivity and organisation of your business.

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