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Health Benefits of an Office in the Countryside

Health Benefits of an Office in the Countryside

Whilst we’ve previously discussed the commercial benefits of a countryside office, did you know there are also numerous health benefits of an office in the countryside?

Your mental and physical health can both be improved by living and working in a rural location rather than busy cities.

Health Benefits of Countryside Offices

The many countryside health benefits apply to working life, too, alleviating the potential pains and stresses of city working. Creative offices based in rural areas are conducive to happier and healthier workers.

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Less Air Pollution

One of the main benefits of an office in the countryside is the immediate access to fresh air. Air pollution is a common problem faced by major cities, as transportation and traffic, construction, and even the heating of buildings worsens the quality of the air. This can lead to the risk of a range of diseases for those living in the city, including respiratory problems.

Less Noise Pollution

Noise pollution refers to high levels of noise (over 65 decibels), and the city is typically plagued with it. From car horns and general traffic, to aircraft and nightlife, noise pollution is far more common in the city than in the countryside.

Noise pollution can be emotionally and physically draining and stressful; on top of this, it can detract from your ability to concentrate as you work – your brain is often overstimulated and distracted by noise, meaning you may find it harder to concentrate on the tasks at hand.

Take Effective Breaks

Breaks from work are essential for your mental and physical health – however your breaks must be worthwhile in order to provide the relief you need. Being able to access fresh air and exercise in a rural environment has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

Stretching your legs and giving your eyes a break away from the computer moreover benefit your physical health and can leave you feeling refreshed to tackle the rest of the working day.

Greater Support Levels

Although rural areas may be associated with a sparse population, there are still high levels of support which can be sourced from local communities and businesses. Being able to build a support network which you can relate to, and share problems and equally advice with, can relieve stress levels and loneliness in those operating a business in the countryside.

Health Benefits of an Office in the Countryside

Better Team Building Exercise Opportunities

Countryside offices are in closer proximity to team building locations, making it easier and less time consuming for employees to attend adventure courses or even simple outdoor lunches.

Team building can boost employee morale, strengthen communication and trust, and inspire creativity, all of which feed into the productivity of employees, as well as being a much-needed disruption to the typical working day.

Where Can I Find a Countryside Office for my Business?

If either the commercial or health benefits of an office in the countryside appeal to you, there are plenty of locations which offer flexible workspace in rural areas.

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