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Flexible Workspace to Suit Your Business

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Perhaps the greatest benefit to flexible workspaces is that your office space grows with your business.

Flexible workspaces, sometimes called serviced offices, refer to the flexible renting of business property – typically fully furnished, enabling users to move between office spaces as their business grows or contracts. Allowing you to concentrate on your business, rather than its accommodation, flexible office spaces are utilised by businesses both large and small.

Read ahead to find out more about the flexible workspaces at KinverPoint, and how they can offer more than just a roof over the head of your business.

Flexible Workspace for all Business types

Built on the foundations of an old farm, KinverPoint Business Village offers a variety of flexible workspaces, catering for all types, and sizes, of business.

KinverPoint Business Village does not solely provide facilities for office orientated business but welcomes all types of business. Our tailored floor space, and diversity of buildings, means you can create the best working environment for your business.

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Photography Studio - as well as other Studios

Beautiful Business Studios

In addition to our office spaces, KinverPoint can cater for businesses that may require that little extra floor space; tattoo, yoga, and photography studios are just some of the business types KinverPoint can house - however, opportunities are welcomed.

The stunning scenic space surrounding KinverPoint moreover lends itself to creative businesses and business studios, inspiring employees and clients alike with peaceful and rejuvenating

Amenities for your Business

On the other hand, KinverPoint Business Village has the facilities to aid the likes of eCommerce businesses that may need additional amenities.

Whether you require extra storage space or access to local post offices and road networks, KinverPoint is conveniently located to address all the needs of a thriving business.

Fundamentals of Business Set-up

There are many factors to consider when establishing your business – including the location and premises of your business. When faced with the option of renting, leasing, or buying property in which to house your business, you need to consider how much space you will need, and the most suitable location for this, all within a budget.

Whilst the Government can offer legal advice on this matter, many of the details within renting a property versus buying lie in the contract between tenant and landlord such as parking and repairs and maintenance.

Importance of Working Environments

Alongside the practicalities of establishing a place of residence for your business, it is important to consider how the working environment can affect your business and employees.

It is found higher rates of pollution can affect mental health, whilst creating a healthy and happy working environment can encourage better mental health. Taking advantage of the countryside location at KinverPoint, as well as the modern facilities, can help facilitate the positive change your business may need.

The nature of our Business Village – working alongside other businesses – creates a motivating environment, where knowledge and collaborations may be shared.

Developing your Business
In the Kinver Countryside

Our buildings include converted silos, ideal for smaller businesses, as well as our Dutch Barn. The barn is large enough for up to 16 people and can also be configured into two separate office spaces. Each of the two spaces is 610sq feet, offering modern facilities for the businesses that choose them. The converted Dutch Barn retains its agricultural feel but has all of the 21st-century necessities for forward-thinking businesses. You can book a viewing of our available office space to see just what the Dutch Barn at KinverPoint offers you and why it's perfect for growing businesses.

Contact us to find out more about our flexible leasing contracts for office space. Discover more information about our silos or Dutch Barn by taking a look at their respective pages. Register your interest online or give us a call.

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