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Does Your Online Ecommerce Business Still Need an Office?

Do ecommerce businesses need offices? A question that is richly debated today as more and more businesses realise the potential of ecommerce.

Ecommerce is an internet-based business model, meaning transactions take place over the internet, as facilitated by smartphones, computers, and tablets. Because of the nature of ecommerce businesses, they don’t always need a physical location – businesses can be run successfully from inside homes. However, for ecommerce businesses looking to undertake a new venture, expand their potential, or make room for a rapidly growing business, ecommerce offices can offer the perfect solution.

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Impress Shareholders and Business Partners

Ecommerce businesses looking to take on shareholders and business partners, or impress their current ones, may benefit from an ecommerce office space.

Having a physical office space can increase credibility amongst shareholders and business partners, especially when showing them around modern amenities. A modern, flexible workspace not only reflects a great business culture, but can impress and inspire business partners with a more professional image.

Great Client First Impressions

In the same manner, when interacting with potential clients, give them a great first impression with a physical ecommerce suite. Clients can gain a greater understanding of a business and the company culture by taking a look around their base; with a modern and fully furnished ecommerce office space, an outstanding first impression can be made.

Plus, having a physical location raises brand awareness and visibility, helping to draw customers to your door.

Earn Customer Trust

Customers are more likely to trust and invest in an established brand. A professional base for this brand is one way of demonstrating your business is thriving and here to stay. The ability to arrange an in-person meeting, or even allow clients to pop in and say hello, getting to know names and faces, goes a long way in establishing trust and – eventually – brand loyalty.


Improve Work Relations

Providing a physical office space for employees centralises a business and improves work relations. With a broader understanding of their work environment and responsibilities, employees are often more productive, especially when allowed to bond and communicate with other employees, which can boost morale.

Furthermore, localised organisation and internal communication means mistakes are often caught quicker and less is allowed to slip through the cracks.

Rent an Office in Kinver

The KinverPoint Business Village provides ecommerce offices in Kinver Village. With flexible leases and a super-fast internet connection, our fully furnished, ultra-modern suites are suitable for ecommerce businesses looking to take the next step.

Whether impressing potential clients, or looking to provide employees with all the necessary amenities and facilities of a beautiful countryside office, the KinverPoint Business Village’s renovated offices are available to rent under a lease which is designed around you.

Pros and Cons of an ecommerce office

As seen above, there are many positive attributes associated with investing in ecommerce offices. However, one disadvantage holding many ecommerce businesses back is the cost of this commitment. KinverPoint’s countryside offices and flexible workspace address this issue directly…

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