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Benefits of an Office in the Countryside

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Cities were originally formed as a central hub for business and trade, and throughout the centuries, our cities have blossomed into the thriving, high-rise metropolises we know today.

However, it seems we are moving further away from the concept of the city as a localised point for business in the modern age. The introduction of remote working, a growing awareness of the health benefits of the countryside, and moving away from the traditional 9-5 working week, all indicate a new mindset in the way we approach work.

This change in mentality presents opportunities for businesses to relocate outside of urban areas, with the countryside offering many benefits for start-up and established businesses alike.

More for your money

Relocating to a rural countryside office is far more cost-efficient when renting or leasing a building as opposed to the city, with more space available for the same budget.

On top of this, the cost of living for you and your employees will be much lower in rural areas, with the average wage generally lower than in cities in reflection of this.

Marketing your business within your new location will also cost less, due to far less competition amongst marketing companies which often drives prices up.

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Removed from the city’s hustle and bustle

Another great advantage to countryside offices is the elimination of the noise and disruption associated with the city. Whilst some thrive on this, other workers may get distracted, stressed, or feel trapped working in this intensive environment.

Long commutes which can be further prolonged by traffic and transportation issues can lead to a decline in mental health and an unhealthy work/life balance.

One of the benefits of an office in the countryside, on the other hand, is the open space and clean air which is much more favourable for an employee’s mental and physical health. Happy and healthy workers are ultimately more productive workers.

Purpose built facilities

Whether choosing an office in the city or the country, a unit which facilitates your work is a must. This is much more attainable in the countryside, where purpose-built creative offices can be built with a specific clientele in mind.

A flexible workspace means the needs of your business are met, with an inspirational office space designed and built to get the best out of your business.

KinverPoint Business Village specialises in creating purpose-built office space in Kinver. Our ultra-modern, flexible workspaces located in Kinver Village offer the chance to meet and collaborate with other like-minded businesses within a setting which is dedicated to elevating creativity and maximising profitability.

More growth opportunities

Contrary to popular belief, the city is not the only location where a business can thrive; countryside offices experience many growth opportunities, too. There are numerous business benefits of an office in the countryside, including the exposure to a new, and often untapped, demographic. Countryside communities are often very loyal, with less competition to choose from.

The decrease in competition also means businesses within the countryside can better establish themselves within the market.

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