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5 Benefits of Open Plan Office Space

Open plan offices reimagine traditional, compartmentalised office space for modern-day businesses. This new design presents numerous advantages to businesses... 

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What is an Open Plan Office?

In an open plan office, there are minimal internal dividing walls to split up the floor into smaller areas. This means employees all work in the same, open space where they are free to walk around rather than being tied to a solitary desk or stuck inside a single stuffy office.

Benefits of Open Plan Office Space

5 Benefits of Open Plan Office Space

Making small changes to your office layout can have a big difference. An open plan office layout can encourage collaboration and creativity within your business, alongside many other advantages.

Design Flexibility

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One of the advantages of open plan offices is the design flexibility. With an open plan office, there is flexibility in how you design your space and the changes you’re able to make to the design over time. It is much easier to move desks and other amenities around to suit the needs and preferences of your business. For instance, if productivity has dropped; if you require more space for new employees; or if you want to encourage interaction between particular departments, moving desk space around is simple.


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An open plan office can make employees and employers appear more approachable. As opposed to singular, closed-off desks, staff can be easily approached and are more open to socialising.

Promotes Teamwork

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Teamwork and collaboration are encouraged in an atmosphere where people can move around, group together, chat casually and connect, as well as move into quieter study spaces for focussed group sessions.

Tailored Space

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With design flexibility, open plan offices quickly become a tailored space for your business. For example, rented offices are standardised; open plan rented offices, whilst standardised, can be easily reorganised so that the design, desk layout, amenities and facilities all work for your business.

Reduced Health Risks


When employees are encouraged and feel more comfortable leaving their desk to have a walk around, there can be reduced health risks. Blood flow is improved, stress levels are lowered, and less time is spent in a sedentary position.

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KinverPoint Business Village offers an open plan office lease in the South Staffordshire countryside.

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Our beautiful green surroundings allow space for employees to stretch their legs and clear their minds.

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Our open plan office conversions allow you the flexibility and space to make the office your own. Our buildings are suitable for a range of industries, from ecommerce to photography.

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Our flexible lease schemes provide a great opportunity for startups and small businesses to lease affordable, modern, and open plan offices located within a business park.

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