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5 Ways to Use a Creative Office Space

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A creative office space is defined as a workspace which inspires or facilitates creative work, through motivating employees, driving innovative ideas, and boosting morale.

In reality, a creative office space can take many forms – from the design of an office and the amenities available, to the office culture. For many creative businesses, such as photography and design, this is crucial to boosting productivity and achieving the best results for your business.

Our 5 ways to use a creative office space can be used across many different creative business ventures, helping you make the most out of your creative space.

Create an Atmosphere

Creating an atmosphere where employees can thrive and customers feel welcome is essential. The atmosphere you create can be of your own design – whether that’s creating a relaxing, minimalistic environment, or an energetic, lively one.

Atmosphere can be created through the design of a building, as well as the culture of the workspace. Creative company offices may choose artwork and a colour palette to express their ethos; it has been proven that there is a close correlation between colours and emotions, so choose a colour palette wisely depending on the type of atmosphere you wish to create.

The floorplan of an office also contributes to the atmosphere of creative offices. An open plan and flexible workspace, with breakout rooms and comfortable seating available, can encourage the exchange of ideas and make a workspace seem larger.

Reduce Clutter to Inspire Creativity

Leading on from the last point, open spaces and reduced clutter give the mind room to think. We can often get distracted by menial tasks, such as cleaning up desks or kitchen areas, which ultimately take away from the larger tasks at hand.

Minimalism should not be mistaken for ‘clutter free’, however. Creative offices can still feature artwork, ornaments, potted plants and other design features, which inspire without distracting.

Allow the Light to Come In… It’s Good for Us

Sunlit offices have been shown to improve employee health – contributing towards a better night’s sleep, an increase in serotonin, and motivation to do more exercise, all of which help us feel better.

Happy and healthy employees will be more productive, and have a better capacity to undertake creative work.

Creative Feat

Let the Air In

In the same vein, access to fresh air or clean air technology is essential for an office space. Being able to clear the mind by stepping outside of the office environment and accessing the outdoors is the best way to inspire creativity, for instance in countryside offices. However, this is not possible for all creative offices.

Open windows and plants are a great way of introducing more oxygen into the office without requiring access to the outdoors.

Rent Creative Space and Creative Offices in Kinver

Combining modern design, flexible workspace, and access to the outdoors, with all the modern amenities including high-speed internet, KinverPoint’s converted offices offer creative office space in Kinver.

Creative offices in Kinver inspire employees and clients alike with stunning views, peaceful surroundings, and the rich history of Kinver Village.

High Speed Internet

Of course, an inspirational office space is nothing without high-speed internet, through which employees can realise their creativity.

Whether used for research, inspiration, or the actualisation of ideas, the internet is one modern-day facility a creative workspace would be lost without.

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