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      Early 2021

      When first impressions really count…

      The Kinver countryside outside is matched only by the bright clean lines and open spaces of the interiors.

      Where you work reflects on who you are

      When clients visit a business working from the Kinver Point Business Village, they know they’re dealing with people who are forward-looking, aspirational and eco-conscious. It’s impossible to overstate the power of a first impression, and the impression created by our converted farm structures is of a business which is using the best of the present to build success for the future.

      Interior and exterior excellence

      From the larch cladding to the glazed walls, our office units reflect the agricultural heritage of the site while embracing the best of modern architecture, building and design.

      Modern customers look for a green commitment from the businesses they work with, and Kinver Point Business Village lets you offer that every time – from the recycling of redundant farm buildings to energy-efficient heating, cooling and lighting.

      Our beautifully converted
      Dutch Barn

      Whether it’s used as an office or studio space, our converted Dutch Barn can be leased as a whole or be divided by a partition wall into two semi-detached 680sq ft unique business spaces. Large access doors offer even greater flexibility and a feature glazed wall emphasises the unique nature of the rural location and aspirational environment.

      The buildings have been designed for maximum thermal efficiency and stay cool in summer and warm in winter in a genuinely eco-friendly manner. The building design allows natural daylight to flood the interior spaces, and the understated nature of the interiors means your own sense of taste and style is able to cut through.

      inside dutch barn
      dutch barn

      Three inspirationally unique Grain Silos

      Our grain silos combine the very best of traditional farming architecture and contemporary design, offering unique circular office space which rises over the horizon and provides elevated views across the surrounding countryside.

      For any small business which wants to think big and act bigger, they provide the perfect step up, with each silo having 2 spaces over two floors. Self-contained WC and kitchen facilities and fully managed office services mean that each silo is ready and waiting for your business to move in.



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